Digital Transformation & Cloud

Digital transformation involves integrating digital technologies into a business to enhance efficiency, customer experiences, and competitiveness. It encompasses digitizing processes, data-driven decision-making, agile operations, and innovation. Cloud services, on the other hand, deliver computing resources over the internet, including infrastructure, platforms, and software, enabling scalability, cost savings, and accessibility. In the context of digital transformation, cloud services play a crucial role by providing flexible, scalable, and cost- effective resources, facilitating rapid deployment and innovation, and empowering organizations to adapt to the dynamic digital landscape while delivering enhanced value to customers.

Cloud Consulting

•Cloud Consulting-Multi-cloud strategy and cloud fitment analysis
•Data Security Compliance
•Data Privacy Compliance
•Cloud Security Posture Management
•Cloud Architecture Assessment

Greenfield Services

•Workload migration
(On Prem to Cloud Migration)
•Application modernization- SAP
•Hybrid Cloud
•App. migration to cloud
•Data Center co-lo
•DR Services
•Backup Services

Brownfield Services

•Optimization and enhancement Services
•Cloud to Cloud Migration
•Cloud Cost Optimization

Managed Services

•Cloud Monitoring & Alerting
•OS Managed
•DB Management
•DR Management
•Cloud Security

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